Summer Boating in Ireland

There’s a fantastic rant by ‘tomas’ over on IrishFreeStyle and if I’m honest, I’m one of the people who are guilty of talking about foreign trips and never posting about Irish boating. Well, it’s a fairly moderate rant, but he’s spot on when you think about it…

What The Fu$% is wrong with this site??

With all the recent rain, surely people have been out paddling?Why are paddlers not talking?This has to be one of the shittist summers on record but a boom for kayaking. So why is this site not buzzing? Whats running? When? Where?What are paddlers experiences?

This weekend alot of rain forecast, why are kayakers not talking?

In recent weeks I have run various rivers purely on gut instinct and Met Eireann forecasts, surely as a supposed kayaking community it should be better than that?

It seems to me we buzz about all the sh1t abroad,and yet fail to talk to each other at home.

He’s right, of course, and we really should make a better effort. In response here’s a quick account of what some of us (well, me) have been up to with all the lovely summer weather we’ve been having…

I haven’t been out much myself lately despite it being the wettest August in the recorded Irish metrological history, mostly for family reasons, but I did manage a run down the Dargle last week. A classic six-and-a-bit-blocks level made it clean enough to be cruisey, but dirty enough to knock the rust off your paddling.

Don’t you love the colour of Irish ‘white’ water?

Then on Sunday after a second trip down the Dargle, a lovely time was had by all on the Annamoe all the way from Lough Dan. The Annamoe was running really high turning pretty much everything into big old wavetrains, with plenty of scope for zipping around the river.

All that made for an incredibly quick trip to the top of the run-in to Jackson’s Falls, where we halted for a confab. With eight in the group you don’t want any confusion about where you’re getting out to look at the drop. Sorry, but we’ve no photos at all; you’ll have to judge yourself from the Annamoe gauge. The screengrab below is marked…

I may in the past have run the Annamoe higher, but certainly not Jackson’s. For the record, two lines were probed and both go – hard and fast down the middle works if you hit it like a freight train, while riding up the curler on river-left works also, but requires that you moderate your speed and focus on hitting your spot exactly right.

Warm summer boating with lots of water and daylight. Would that it were like this all the time…

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