Ya Falta Menos – Pamplona Preview

‘Ya falta menos’ is the unofficial slogan of San Fermines, the bull-running festival in the Basque Country’s city of Pamplona. It’s Spanish for ‘there’s not long to go’ and it’s what they say as the count down the months and days left to when the craziness begins again on July 6th. At the time of writing, it’s two days away, and I’m going back again this year. With Norway cancelled for me this year, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any whitewater fun for me for a while, so you have to figure something else to do to keep the heart rate up. And there’s nothing to simulate running hard whitewater like an early morning sprint in front of a herd of 600 kg bulls.

I’ve done this before a number of years back, with mixed results. The picture below is from Diario de Navarre, the local paper, in July 2001. That’s me right there in the middle wearing the completely inappropriate sandals, photographed moments before I become aware of the bull on my shoulder.

I have a cool picture somewhere of me a short moment later, after being hit by the damn thing, where I’m horizontal in the air about to make violent contact with the cobblestones. The photo is somewhere in a box (this is from the days when photos were actually printed onto paper), but I can’t find it.

One thing I do remember being warned about at the bull-running is that if you fall or get hit, the safest thing to do is stay down until you’re sure the bulls are gone and the noise of the hooves diminishes. Kind of like in kayaking when you stay tucked up until the water around you gets quiet again before rolling up.

Since I got hit by the frontrunner, the best plan was to curl up like a baby and wait until the entire herd had hurdled over me…

That was all a long time ago, I’m sure I’ll be better at it this time. On that cheerful note, wish me luck next week…

3 Responses to “Ya Falta Menos – Pamplona Preview”

  1. K De Faoite Says:

    Hmmmmm! Do you need a pair of Spanish Camper Shoes this year? I might just be able to source them for you at the right price!!!!!!

    By the way, I feel sorry for you regarding the cancelled trip to Norway, but were you not skiing in Switzerland earlier this year??????

    Sleep well. Tomorrow I will kill you!!!!!!!

    PS I am a female……so according to your comments you will read this!!!

  2. I don’t know what Spanish Camper Shoes are exactly, but thanks Karen.

  3. K De Faoite Says:

    El saludo a los combatientes del toro!

    Ask your partner in crime about the shoes – he is becoming an expert in footwear!!!
    Hope you are all having a great time – I’m sure you’re now relaxing over a nice chilled beer and tapas. Spare a thought for the pasty paddies under the grey thundery skies!!!!!
    By the way – I know 2 great surgeons if assistance is required over the coming days!!!! 🙂

    Disfrute de ustedes mismos. Adiós. K.

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