My Name is Jim Kennedy and I Own a Creekboat

Well, it’s been a few years coming but I’ve finally got myself a creekboat. Bigger than my creeking Disco. I concede, officially, that I’m getting old. I’m also getting tired of showing you guys how stuff can be run in small boats, only to have you remember nothing except that I surfed some hole on the way, but that’s by-the-by.

After years of adventures together, the Disco has decided to retire from international kayaking and has chosen to remain in Ireland in future.

Good times together on the Castro Laboreiro in Portugal:

The Disco announced its retirement after recently being inducted into the Mañana Mañana Boathouse of Fame with the accolade ‘Sexiest Boat Alive.’ Its final foreign trip, therefore, was Portugal in January. It intends to concentrate on the after-dinner speaking circuit.

There are no hard feelings either way; we’ve had our time in the sun together – the Sesia, for example…

Onwards! I’ve demoed a few boats over the past while and after consultation with, and severe barracking from, several big-boat aficionados, I’ve gone for a Pyranha Burn. As you can see, the black-and-orange colour scheme matches that of the blog…

Clearly, it was meant to be.

The first trip was in Oregon/Washington (about which, more later), and while a whole new style of boating is now required, I’m excited about the future…

I’m trying to unlearn the ‘land-on-a-low-brace’ technique and move towards the ‘land-on-a-pulling-blade’ method instead. Early indicators are that an old dog can be taught new tricks, albeit with difficulty. I’m also trying to change my general paddling style away from what I thought was ‘passive/aggressive’ but which Simon Barry has termed ‘passive/submissive’ and move to that whole thing with the active paddle and the high arm-action and always-paddling-forwards thing.

My apologies to anyone disappointed with my desertion from the ranks of the small boaters. I’m still firmly of the opinion that there’s nothing in Ireland that requires a creekboat. I’ll see you in the eddy, just a bigger one next time…

9 Responses to “My Name is Jim Kennedy and I Own a Creekboat”


  2. BLOUSE!

  3. The Real Tristen Says:

    Damn imposter!

  4. The Portage King Says:

    A little bit of sick has just climbed up into my mouth…

  5. About time, I await your arrival in Norway this Summer……

  6. jim, you’re the man baby! you will fly like an eagle. happy paddling in the new rocket ship.

    nobody cares if you’re a good or a bad dancer, just get up and dance!

  7. Senor Brendan Barry Says:

    SAY IT AIN’T SO…..


    From now on you only be offered the marietta’s with your tea, which has also been downgraded from Barry’s gold blend, to tesco own brand

  8. Tristen: Like I say, I’m sorry. I hope this further disappointment won’t drive you back into retirement, again.

    The Portage King: I’m going to guess that your comment, and the little bit of sick, arises from seeing the photo above of a boat going over a drop. Fear not – this boat also portages like a dream. I just need to pad out the cockpit rim a bit for the carrying. Creekboats are heavy.

    simonwestgarth: Working on plans…

    dave tec: I’m going to apply for a DaveTec Industries license to use your patented ‘thigh-padding’ idea. The fee should show up in your Swiss account any day now.

    Senor Brendan Barry: You being disgusted with me is simply misplaced self-loathing on your part. After all, you bought a ladyboat ages back…

  9. The Portage King Says:

    It was more my body’s involuntary reaction to the realisation that an era has ended…

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