Snowboarding in Switzerland

At the start of February, Daithi and the Cork Boys organised the annual snowboarding trip. This year it was to Verbier in Switzerland, chosen for its altitude. The theory being that the higher the resort is up a mountain, the more likely there is to be snow there.

And so it happened, as it was written.

Verbier is in the very south of the country, right up against the border with Italy. In fact as the crow flies it’s only about 50 miles from Val Sesia in Italy where we were boating the previous May.

The view of chocolate-box Switzerland from the door of our apartment building…

Catherine has decided that black is indeed the new black…

Although it is hard to tell from photos, Catherine was actually setting new land-speed records here, placing great demands on the photographer.

Catherine’s helmet takes its cue from Simon’s Der Kommandant kayaking helmet…

Not too many photos of the crew on this trip, I’m afraid. There was an estimated 22 people along, most of them from Cork. That’s right, I went on holidays with a very large group of Corkonian kayakers. The caliber of people on offer on this trip is perhaps well indicated by the presence of Brendan Barry…

I didn’t take too many photos of anything on this trip, really, mostly because I was piloting the video camera a lot. Expect to see the action-packed movie soon.

Old school paddlers may remember Neil O’Connell, seen here shooting the breeze with Catherine.

Verbier seems to be a weekend resort, so most days there was plenty of empty space to fly around.

The humour behind this mural would probably be more obvious if there was snow on the steps, but I like it…

As the first proper week of her snowboarding career continued, Catherine was carving and picking up speed, eventually heading off-piste for some jumping and face-planting.

She’s open to offers on sponsorship, by the way…

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